Studi & Ricerche Geologiche

87032 Amantea (CS)

Via Orti, 21
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We have over 10 years of advanced scientific research, applied to the comprehension, resolution and modeling of sedimentary basins.
Research has been conducted in southern Italy (field-works in Puglia, Calabria, and the Strait of Messina) in collaboration with important research corporations, such as the University of Calabria, the University of Bergen (Norway), RF/IRIS (International Research Institute of Stavanger, Norway), Carbonate Research Group, all financed by important oil companies.
“Studi & Ricerche Geologiche” has experience in the evaluation, analysis and determination of the phenomena of slope, and the developing cognitive and popular activity in collaboration with CNR-IRPI and other corporations.



Numerous collaborations in  pilot projects  and in known strategic sectors with other professionals , corporations and Public Administrations.
“Studi & Ricerche Geologiche” boasts record accomplishments in all   professional  commissions presented.


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